Why Believing These 10 Lies Stops Us From Reaching New Customers
by Catherine Brown and ExtraBold Sales | 2019
How Many of These Do We Say to Ourselves?
  •  1. People are too busy to talk with me.
  •  2. People aren't calling back because they prefer my competition.
  •  3. It's too early in the day to contact prospects.
  •  4. It's too late in the day to contact prospects.
  •  5. It's Monday.
  •  6. It's Friday.
  •  7. We're on the cusp of a holiday, so it's a bad time to call, email, etc..
  •  8. If they were interested, they'd call me.
  •  9. I've already tried twice.
  • 10. If I reach out again, I'll look sleazy.
If you checked even one, read on!
Initiating a conversation with potential customers is the real work of sales. Without prospecting, no meetings are set, no contracts are signed, and no money changes hands. We all know the importance of new business development but it is still so hard to reach out to people sometimes. Everyone feels this work is hard at one time or another.  

A major key to success is recognizing our excuses for what they are and not believing that small (but sometimes loud) voice when it tells us these lies. 

Believing these common sales lies leads us to giving up too soon on our outreach. It is never too early or too late to contact someone. Just send an email or direct message. Yes, people are busy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to hear from you, so keep trying. What if they are talking to your competition? (How much MORE do you need to get in front of them then!) Don’t allow your lack of pursuit make the decision for them. When you have what your customer needs, you can actually be the one who makes their life better! How amazing is that? 

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