Try Removing These 3 Phrases & Watch Your Credibility with Clients Go Up
by Catherine Brown and ExtraBold Sales | 2019
Words matter in approaching new clients. Sometimes we use words that are silly, “filler” words when we are nervous, not realizing these words are undermining our credibility as professionals. Often we have good intentions, using words that mean one thing to us, but these same words may come across differently to the listener… for example:
1.“Thank you for your time.” Some of us have been taught this is a nice way to end a conversation, and I believe business owners and salespeople are using this phrase as a way to say that they respect their potential customer. While I understand people use the phrase with good intentions, I don’t believe professionals should use this expression. There are 25,000 other ways to express that we are interested in working with another party without suggesting that their time is more valuable than ours. Respecting our own time in business is important, and that’s why in the ExtraBold System we talk about ways that we communicate the importance of our own time management in the sales process. Instead of “Thank you for your time,” what about trying, “I’ve enjoyed talking with you,” or “It’s a pleasure to talk through this opportunity with you”? These expressions are more specific, sincere expressions of appreciation.

2. “I’ll try to get that _____ to you.” (fill in words like bid, proposal, quote, project, etc…) I’m with Yoda on this when he says, “Do or do not. There is no try.” Look at your calendar and decide if you can or cannot commit. It’s OKAY to be busy and to tell someone they have to wait a little longer. Better to say, “I can’t do that until next week” than say “try.” I think Try is undermining of our reputation and credibility as professionals because it’s a weak phrase that makes us sound like we don’t understand our own commitments. Just say “yes” or “not now.” 

3. "To tell you the truth..." Other abhorrent variations include "Honestly," "Well, actually..." and "Let me really tell you..." It is likely that it would not occur to your sales prospect or customer that you wouldn't tell the truth until you said this filler phrase. Strike this expression from your vocabulary and never use it again. Expressions like this are the reason that people associate sales with words like "sleazy" and "dishonest."

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