Knowing How To Balance These Vital Areas Gives You An Optimum Platform for Success
by Catherine Brown and ExtraBold Sales | 2019
The foundation of ExtraBold coaching is what we call the Terrific Trio. This trio consists of the Tools, Beliefs, and Habits (TBH for short) that are instrumental to good, lasting business development. Yes, TBH is also short for “To Be Honest” and that’s ok with us, because honesty is an integral part of the coaching and training we do and in the relationships you grow with your clients and customers.

Tools: This part of the Terrific Trio is made up of everything external that you use to grow our business. The scripts and templates of what you write and say are all tools used to reach new clients. If you don’t have a concise way to communicate with buyers, you lose their attention and your business suffers. Properly written and well-practiced tools generate a well-built business.

Beliefs: The things we believe, both true and false, affect business growth. The good and the bad things we think are all intertwined. If we have believed false things about any aspect of business development, we hold back from promoting ourselves and our business the way we should. If we believe true things, we have confidence and boldness to approach new people. 

Habits: As we just learned, the things we believe affect what we do. These things we do, in many cases, become habits. If we’ve been nurturing bad habits unaware, business suffers. For example, believing we shouldn’t have to ask for a referral, that if the client is happy then they will just offer referrals on their own is a belief. If we regularly DON’T ASK for referrals because of the way we think, then that thinking becomes a habit. This habit hurts growth, because happy customers do not always think to make referrals. Poor habits need to be exposed and healthy habits need to be cultivated.

With the TBH foundation of the Terrific Trio, business owners are well situated for ExtraBold sales success. These principles not only work together to provide long term success as professionals continue to confront beliefs and habits and refine their message to clients, they also provide a quick fix because they can be used immediately. You know you need something different. What you’ve been doing has not produced the business results you want. ExtraBold works to get the emotional self in- line with what your executive self already knows. Change is possible and with ExtraBold, it can be yours.

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Many entrepreneurs, fearful of being seen as pushy, feel the weight of identifying and recruiting their clients, and this struggle threatens the financial growth and success of their business. With 20+ years of experience behind us, the ExtraBold System is a simple program conveyed through online content and coaching that teaches business owners everything they need to find, understand and earn the trust of new customers, reaching them with persistence and dignity.

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