If You Don't Understand These 
5 Reasons, You're Giving Up Reaching Clients Too Soon
by Catherine Brown and ExtraBold Sales | 2019
There are good and legitimate reasons that people aren’t getting back with you. Here they are in order!

1. People are busy!
You haven’t been deleted (voicemail, email, text), but you’ve gotten low in their box because people are busy. So, you need to get back in touch with them. Try again.

2. They are on vacation.
Not wanting to advertise that they are not at home, they didn’t turn on their out of office responder. Or they are actually not getting their messages right now. (This is especially true in the summer months and around the winter holidays.) Don’t make a decision for them and give up. Wait a few days and try again.

3. They are not the right person.
The person you called is planning to forward your message to a different person in their company, because they are a nice person; however, the nice person forgot. The only way for YOU to know that they are not the right person is to keep trying to reach them. 

4. Your client did actually accidentally delete your message!
Your prospect is actually hoping that you will reach out to them again, because they cannot remember and/or recover your message. This nice client IS the right person to talk to, but accidents happen. Try again. 

5. The person could actually be waiting to see how hard you are going to try and reach them.
True confession - I’ve done this! Because I am busy and prospect sales for a living, I rarely respond the very first time someone reaches out to me. This avoidance/testing is very common. People will put you to the test to see what you will do and how hard you will chase them. They will reward chasers with their time and talk with you. Try again

If you only contact someone one or two times and then give up, you are making a decision for them with your lack of pursuit. Let that person have their own boundaries and tell you they are not interested. Don’t decide for them by giving up. You can use LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, landline, cell phone, email, texting, referral from a friend… any number of ways of contacting them - just don’t give up too soon! 

So how many times is too many? Great question! And we talk about that in greater depth in our ExtraBold Sales System and Facebook group - we’d love to see you there!

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